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Message started by bucksavage on 16.07.10 at 05:36:51

Title: Issues with Battlefield Vietnam
Post by bucksavage on 16.07.10 at 05:36:51
I got Battlefield Vietnam today for $3....YEAH!!!  I installed it but since then I've had an odd issue with the game.  Runs great, looks awesome, BUT, at a point maybe 5-10 minutes into a game, singleplayer so far, I don't have a good enough net connection for net play, my pc restarts out of the blue.  Happened both of the two times I;ve played the game so far tonight.  When XP loads, once it performs the disk check during boot up due to the unexpected shutdown, and once everything loads on the desktop and whatnot I get the warning, "Windows recovered from a serious error."  What gives?  What would cause this? 

My system specs: 

P4 1.4ghz Willamette
1.25GB RAM
Nvidia GeForce 4 Ti 4200 128 mb vid card

Title: Re: Issues with Battlefield Vietnam
Post by oldskool on 16.07.10 at 10:05:37
Have you checked your tempretures ? Could be the CPU overheating, try running some stress tests while monitoring temps.
1.25gb of ram !!! have you tested this configuration? Using memory modules of different sizes may cause problems as well.


Title: Re: Issues with Battlefield Vietnam
Post by bucksavage on 17.07.10 at 00:32:19
Ok, tried some stuff, but I couldnt find a way to test my cpu temp.  My CMOS doesn't have the neat thing in itthat tells you, like some other's do, and the program I have PC Wizard, I couldn't find anything in it either about temps.  Any ideas? 

As for the 1.25gb of ram, I've been running it for months like this now and have yet to have any issues with it....so far anyways (knock on wood). 

EDIT:  after fiddling around with an  older version of PCWizard, I got this info, but it's nopt too helpful. 

Thermal Information :      
Thermal Design Power :      55.3 W
Thermal control TM1 :      Yes
Thermal control TM2 :      No
Thermal Control Circuit :      No
Digital Thermal Sensor :      No
ODCM Enabled :      No
Thermal Status :      Normal

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