Games - 3dfx Archive Games - 3dfx Archive en-us 3dfx Archive Thu, 2 Mar 2017 22:02:54 GMT YaBB 2.4 Revision: 1.28 30 Uprising, 3DFX patch? 3dfx Archive/Games <b><a href="">paulpsomiadis wrote</a> on 02.03.16 at 19:54:22:</b><br /><div>On a somewhat related note - found a little site with more 3Dfx patxhes...<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> </div><br /><br />Good find! Need For Speed 4 (High Stakes) Advice Needed 3dfx Archive/Games There are an Patch for NFS4. (High Stakes/Brennender Asphalt)<br /><br />4.50 <br /><br />If you install the patch, you can choose the V4 4500 oder V5 5500 in the 3DSetup. Quake 2 DOS, Quake DOS and FitzQuake DOS with Mesa 3dfx Archive/Games For those interested in the development involved to make this port possible a 5 part series is available at:<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"></a> Rampage game list 3dfx Archive/Games So biggest problem is solved....being able to compile the what has to be done is tweak them to get max performance out of them<br /><br /><br />Will be one hell of  a job if ya ask me, but at least you can compile the drivers now, sooo....<br /><br />Step 1: be able to compile drivers......check<br />Step 2: fix driver bugs / issues / in progress<br />Step 3: optimize drivers for max performance / stability.......when step 2 is done <img src="" border="0" alt="Smiley" title="Smiley" /> List of 3DNow! supporting games 3dfx Archive/Games i think that Trespasser (The Lost World) is supporting 3DNow! but it's not a good game. Screamer 2 3DFX patch, unable to load DLL? 3dfx Archive/Games i installed Screamer 2 on my DOS setup (Pentium 133Mhz, 32mb EDO RAM, ATI Mach64 + Diamond Monster 3D, AWE64...) and Screamer 2, when trying to use the downloaded "S2_3DFX.EXE" file to play it in Glide mode, it say "Unable to load DLL".<br /><br />The same thing happen with Blood it i missing something? do i have to copy some driver files in the folder?<br /><br />for Tomb Raider Gold, i only had to copy the .EXE to the game folder though... The new Wolfenstein, whatta ya guys think?? 3dfx Archive/Games Symbols, text/speech and some gore effects have been changed.<br /><br />Maybe I'm going for an uncut PS4 version, there seems to be no   geo-check. mount and blade 3dfx Archive/Games The game only supports 2 cores, so if your CPUs are fast then it might play fine on low setting. But the game is vram heavy so it might not be the most playable. If I recall right the game's CPU requerments is a p4@ 2.4 or 2.8ghz. Tho I was able to play it on my old system p3 with a gt6600. If I can get my hands on a 4500 or 5500 ill give it a go too. Unreal Tournament resolution 3dfx Archive/Games <b><a href="">mirage111 wrote</a> on 03.01.14 at 13:09:27:</b><br /><div>Ok, so what is the max 3D resolution for Voodoo3 using Glide? I thought it was 800x600 because some games, like Quake II, crashes when I try higher resolution or even doesn't let me choose it.<br /> </div><br /><br />1600x1200 it's the max resolution for V3 in 3D. V3 3500 can handle UT99 in that resolution, it will be quite smooth in small maps with 1-2 bots. On larger maps and with 4-5 bots or more the frames will drop bad in fights (smoke effects will "kill" the framerate, V3 inherited that from V2, V2 also had problems with transparency).<br /><br /> Digital Integration Apache Longbow 3dfx Archive/Games I sent you a PM