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Message started by bucksavage on 23.08.16 at 06:53:20

Title: Using proxy servers to improve 56k internet speed
Post by bucksavage on 23.08.16 at 06:53:20
For quite a while I have been stuck using a dial-up internet connection because 1)I can't afford high speed in my area, and 2)there are limited options for high speed (rural area) and all options have high set-up fees. 

As such, I found the Toonel proxy and Rabbit proxy and have been using both to make using dial-up, well if not faster, let's say, not as slow.  They do work, but the results are rather modest.  Better than nothing though, right?

Lately though (the last 4-5 days) while the Toonel website is up, it seems that the proxy server that their java applet accesses is down.  Can anyone confirm that?  I like using it and would like to continue doing so. 

In the meantime, can anyone point me to a proxy similar to Toonel and what it does/did?  I've looked and as of now have not found something to my liking. 

Also, I asked this before, but using Toonel, they put in a way to chain it with another proxy server.  I don't understand how to go about that, can anyone give me instructions?

Title: Re: Using proxy servers to improve 56k internet speed
Post by bucksavage on 05.09.16 at 22:13:09
Well, after a few more days the Toonel proxy started working again, so I assume that the proxy server on their end was down. 

However, I am still looking for information on how to properly chain proxies so they work together.  At the moment I think I found a way to chain Toonel and Rabbit, but I am not really sure if I did it right. 

Any help would be much appreciated.

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