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Message started by derbiber on 26.03.10 at 18:34:31

Title: AVP Gold
Post by derbiber on 26.03.10 at 18:34:31
Hi guys,

I read that avp 1/classichas Glide support. so I had some luck on ebay and won avp gold (1euro :D ).

but I'm only able to choose the d3d api in the options menu. Anyone aware if there is a possibility to force avp to use Glide?

I'm using a Voodoo5 5500 and 3dfx 1.04.00 win9x ref drivers.

Title: Re: AVP Gold
Post by oldskool on 26.03.10 at 19:54:04
Hmm, I read it does not support GLIDE and is D3D

Title: Re: AVP Gold
Post by blueshogun96 on 26.03.10 at 20:19:02
Yup, Aliens versus Predator Gold used Direct3D v3.0 for graphics (or was it 2.0?) and did not support Glide.  3Dfx cards still do a rather good job of running it though.  Just make sure you have the CPU for it as it is probably the most CPU demanding game of that era.  I ran AvP on a Dell XPS t450 (Intel Pentium III, 128MB Ram and 3Dfx Voodoo3 2000 16MB) and it was still choppy during fire fights.

Title: Re: AVP Gold
Post by derbiber on 28.03.10 at 08:39:35
The cpu(s) should be fast enough ("king" (piii 1,4) and athlon xp 2700 in hope that I'm getting a v6k one time  ;D )

Thank you for your replies. I never found something about Glide support in the manual, but in several "Glide game lists" avp can be found as supported Glide game.

but like you said d3d works as well :)

Many Thanks

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