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Message started by Raithe on 14.04.08 at 07:27:48

Title: garbage objects on unreal tournament
Post by Raithe on 14.04.08 at 07:27:48
So I dug out my black magic voodoo 2 and hooked it up to my 3d prophet 9700pro. It works ok but when I run unreal tournament in glide I get garbage after a few minutes of play (say 3-5 min). This affects lights and all 2d objects (the hud the main menu etc). They look like colored boxes. I'm not sure if its a driver issue since I've tried several. (fastvoodoo 4.0 voodoomage and a couple others) I thought maybe its an incompatibility with the radeon, but I don't know if the lights are 2d or not. Or have I got a heating issue here? My card has no cooling on it (stock) but I never overclock my 3dfx cards.
Any help would be appreciated.

Oh and if anyone knows why Diablo ii crashes when its checking for glide with the fast voodoo drivers that would be great too.


Title: Re: garbage objects on unreal tournament
Post by paulpsomiadis on 14.04.08 at 23:06:07
Could be a heat issue (sounds like something that's building up slowly)

Could also be if you are running it on a mainboard with a PCI 2.0 spec - V2 cards shouldn't be run on one of these boards as it's not really safe (they were designed for PCI 1.0 spec)

Title: Re: garbage objects on unreal tournament
Post by ps47 on 14.04.08 at 23:48:15
see if anything from here helps.

Title: Re: garbage objects on unreal tournament
Post by Tweakstone on 15.04.08 at 00:23:46
Try another 2D Card for troubleshooting. There's some issue with Ati graphics cards floating around in the back of my head :-?

Title: Re: garbage objects on unreal tournament
Post by Raithe on 15.04.08 at 05:26:05
Don't THINK it's 2.0 spec but I'm not sure where the cut off for that is. It's a KT133 board. That's a fairly new (read: dualcore) standard isn't it?

Yep tried all those. First thing I do is try driver switching. Happens faster with some drivers than others. But haven't found one it doesn't happen with yet.

Tweakstone: Tried my geforce 2 gts It takes a lot longer but did happen occasionally.

I also noticed something by accident which makes me fairly certain it's not heat related. The last time it happened I tried to take a screen shot so I could see if it showed up there or only on the display. (that's helped me track down a few bugs before) only I hit the wrong key (F12). The game dropped to a frameless window and the garbage was gone. Hit f12 again and the game returned to fullscreen with no errors, running in glide (the watermark tells me so ;) ) according to my user.ini that's the END FULLSCREEN key. Being as I'm not using the windowed glides I assume it must have dropped to software, and when it reinitialized the renderer the glitch was gone. At least there's a quick fix for it. Going to try the card tonight on a different motherboard and see what that does. I'll post back later with an update.
Thanks for your replies

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