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Message started by blitzfire on 04.04.08 at 00:27:59

Title: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by blitzfire on 04.04.08 at 00:27:59
Has anyone gotten this game to run on a voodoo 3 2k? I just received it in the mail today (ordered a new laptop with it but hasn't come yet) and was wondering if it's worthwile installing it on my desktop. Says on the box needs a 32meg 3d video accelerator. Just curious

desktop specs:

athlon 900
512 ram
v3 2k using amigasport drivers

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by blitzfire on 04.04.08 at 02:23:57
Ok, I got impatient and installed the game. Wouldn't start. Getting a msgbox "Could not find any compatible Direct3D devices. This game will now exit" message.  I emailed the game's support just now but in the meantime any ideas? The AmigasSport drivers perhaps could be incompatible? Should I try rolling back the drivers to see if the stock XP drivers for the voodoo would work?

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by jandarsun8 on 04.04.08 at 03:58:45
I'm going to guess that your probably not going to be able to get it to run on V3. With a minimum requirement of 32 megs and only 16 megs on the V3, the fill rate of the V3 just isn't there. A V4 or a V5 could probably run this with the SFFT drivers but this is just a guess as I've never played the game.

Stranger things have happened though and our Voodoo's have played games that in theory they shouldn't have so wish you luck in getting it going.  

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by ps47 on 04.04.08 at 11:32:24
I wouldnt really care about the memsize requirement (I got hitman3 running on voodoo2,and v2 is waay below the 32mb requirement)-as long as the game doesnt require 32bit color and compressed textures,it should run.I think you need to try out a dx8 compatible driver-that means load SFFT driver and see if it gets you somewhere..

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by jandarsun8 on 05.04.08 at 03:22:45
Ahh that's cool ps47, Blitz don't mind me, I talk out my azz sometimes.  :P  like I said though, good luck with giving it a try.   :)

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by Raithe on 08.04.08 at 01:40:02
You probably won't be able to get this to work on a V3. I have it running on my v5 but I have to turn down all the settings to minimum just to get a playable frame rate. Plus IIRC the texture size is bigger than 256x256. This game also runs terrible on all XP drivers I tried for my V5 (x3dfx AmigaMerlin and SFFT) massive texture corruption and rendering errors. I've gotten pretty good results from running it in 9x-ME with Raziel's Evolution driver however. (everything renders ok and framerate is fair, just some occasional lag)

my mistake. Iwas having trouble with my v5 so i swapped in my v3 and tested this game. It runs fine under every 3rd party 9x driver with some small graphical glitches.
1) the tiles all have a white border surrounding them.
2) all 2d graphics have a "blurry" look to them.
3) the in game font (which is a png image) is much smaller than it should be, about 1/2 or maybe 1/3 the size.

However if you can read the font the game is quite playable and even runs faster on the v3 than it did on the v5. (not rendering as much so it's less overhead?) so give it a try. BTW if anybody knows what the deal is with the 2d rendering errors, please let me know.

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by ps47 on 08.04.08 at 10:54:35
if SFFT driver doesnt help there isnt much you can try..maybe looking at the cfg files (some games include a lists of variables in their configfiles that can help a lot)..

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by Raithe on 14.04.08 at 07:32:55
nah there's nothing helpful in its config, it's really on the slim side. All the options that would bother a voodoo are off by default. It rewrites itself according to the card your running. Kind of a wierd app it's specs call for a Dx8 card and so far as I can tell it makes only Dx8 calls but it requires Dx9 to run. goofy programmers.

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by ps47 on 14.04.08 at 23:51:45
there is no such thing as perfection in this world.

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by blitzfire on 21.04.08 at 21:27:11
It wouldn't run on my rig using AmigaSport drivers. I tried SFFT and it did run although really slow. Before I used the SFFT I tried the stock WinXP 3dfx drivers and it also ran but with the same performance hit (understandably so 'cuz of my slow ass system) and with the same glitches Raithe posted.

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by ultima on 22.04.08 at 14:59:03
so this Fate is a diablo like game?? Is it any fun?? Where can I find it?? is it really old, like diablo 2, or newer??

Title: Re: Fate (Diablo clone)
Post by blitzfire on 25.04.08 at 05:29:48
Yep. Fate's gameplay is exactly like Diablo's but with more customizable characters, more gameplay elements (you get a pet to help you out) and much better graphics (you can actually go higher than 800x600!!). It's a few years old but definitely newer than D2. You can d/l a demo at the website below. For me the only fault I could find with it is the lack of online play. Single player only. But it's really fun. Been playing it a LOT on my new laptop

You can check it out here: http://www.wildgames.com/games/fate

Good luck!

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