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Message started by FalconFly on 14.09.02 at 12:43:37

Title: UT2003 Demo on 3dfx Cards...
Post by FalconFly on 14.09.02 at 12:43:37
Oh well, here we go ::)

Since some questions will unboubtedly arise, here's all I've found so far :

First note - There WILL be Problems in most cases :(

Personally, I couldn't get the Demo to run in the first place.
Symptoms ( Win98SE, Voodoo5, 1.04.00 & 1.04.01b Drivers ) :
- Initially loads up normally, but then freezes with black screen

I've tried OpenGL :
Errror - Game requires S3TC capable OpenGL Driver

The only one (I'm aware of) is the V1.0.0.0761 dated Jan 2001 ( Download ).

After using this, the following error appears :
- GL_EXT_bgra not supported - bailing out.

That's the end of my OpenGL experience.

WickedGL ( Download V2.99b ) might be worth a shot, but I haven't tested it yet.

How to get into the Menu (default Direct3D Mode) ?
Read this thread :

This has indeed worked for me, and no more freeze at Loadup !
(note that you just have to press ESC, and select "Forfeit" to get the Menu)

Last unsolved, fatal error until now :
- Launching a Game will eventually either a) freeze the System or b) get ingame, but showing severe Graphical Corruption, often followed by a freeze again :(

I gave it a quick test with 3D Analyzer V1.3, but Game could not be launched with an Error Message.

V1.4 or V1.5 might do better, but as well haven't tested yet....
( 3D Analyzer HomePage )

Note -
Changing advanced Options (e.g. OpenGL/Direct3D and Rendering Options) when the Demo cannot boot up, must be done in the UT2003.ini File, located in the UT2003Demo\System Folder...

I really hope this Thread quickly fills with Solutions for this Problem ::)

After all, Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 were tested okay during Beta testing; I see no reason this should have changed within the last weeks (?)

Anyway, since a GeForce2 MX-200 and even a TNT1 can run it, a Voodoo3 or Voodoo5 (in terms of Hardware) can do as well for sure !

I recommend keeping an eye on the Infogrames Forum for technical support and tips :

Chances are (I hope), that the Demo will receive some Patches within the next days/weeks, that will correct those severe Bugs...

Also keep in mind, that several other Cards as well have Problems with the Demo from time to time, so the Problems may not be entirely 3dfx specific only.


Title: Re: UT2003 Demo on 3dfx Cards...
Post by FalconFly on 15.09.02 at 02:02:41
Important News :

Mark Rein
Epic Games Inc.

We broke Voodoo compatibility - we're fixing it - sorry!

Daniel Vogel informed me that he unknowingly accidentally broke Voodoo3/5 compatibility in the demo. We're fixing it and there will be a patch that addresses that plus a few other major bugs we discovered. Keep watching the Official Unreal Tournament 2003 Site for news of its release.

We are sincerely sorry for this. Daniel claims it was just one, itty-bitty, single little line of code that caused it to break. I'll make sure that I personally play the gold master for the full game (when it's done) on Voodoo3 and Voodoo5 to make sure it doesn't happen for the retail version.  

Thanks for your patience and again, our apologies.

So on one hand, more waiting (doh!), but then, YES, it will work once it's patched !

Good that they haven't forgotten 3dfx :)


Title: Re: UT2003 Demo on 3dfx Cards...
Post by procerus on 15.09.02 at 16:56:53
"Good that they haven't forgotten 3dfx"

Nor should they!  The original game rode to success on the back of the massive Voodoo card user base of the time.  The box had "Optimized for 3Dfx" written on it.  So it would be ridiculous for the new game to miss out on the loyal 3dfx users now!

But I do have a suspicion that it won't ever run on the humble Voodoo2 though ;)

Title: Re: UT2003 Demo on 3dfx Cards...
Post by procerus on 18.09.02 at 18:16:05
NuDriver5, which appears to be the most compatible driver for the demo under Windows 98 and ME (even once patched), is also available here.

Installation instructions, if problems are encountered, are available here.

Title: Re: UT2003 Demo on 3dfx Cards...
Post by FalconFly on 28.09.02 at 08:32:35

I've Patched the Demo with the correct Patch, and used the V1.04.00 WHQL reference Driver.

Performance is superb, but there is some issue with flickering/unstable Gamma, or in some levels missing Textures ::)

I'm trying the NuDriver5 now...
--- edit ---

The NuDriver didn't change a thing :(

Still, there there seems to be a 'inconsistency' in the Gamma setting used in the Demo, as well as some severe Texture issues at some positions in the Maps :-/

It's quite ugly to play when the Dynamic Lighting (when activated) decides to revert to normal Vertex Lighting every few seconds.
Also, when the Gamma is switching from like 0.8 to 1.2 at a similar interval, makes playing really a pain :(

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