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Plants V's Zombies (Read 78 times)
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Plants V's Zombies
02.03.10 at 02:59:47
Has anyone played this yet,either on their iphone,PC etc

This, is probably one of THE most addictive games I have EVER played,and I mean that sincerely  Angry
I'm off work atm due to me going into hospital someday soon to have my knee operated on,this simple little game has taken me over,my Wife hates the fact I spend so much time playing it,but,she can't resist coming in to watch how I'm doing,it's even getting to her  Grin
Have a look for it,try it, and let me know what you think

I will NOT be held responsible for any divorces,break ups etc etc,on your own head be it Wink

Tony  Cheesy
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