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Re: UT2003 and the 1.07.xx drivers (Win98/Me) (Read 210 times)
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Re: UT2003 and the 1.07.xx drivers (Win98/Me)
06.10.02 at 02:36:40
I might add, that the Full Retail Game really runs okay both on my Voodoo4 4500 32MB AGP, and Voodoo5 5500 64MB AGP...

I have to use Low Detail for Texture size limitations, though, since the amount of Textures in the Retail Game is... ehm... excessive Wink

Still VERY playable, the Voodoo5 was usually around 25-30 in 1024x768, 16bit.
The Voodoo4 had to be set to 800x600, 16bit, in order to get beyond 20fps though. But then, as well doing very playable 25-30fps...

2 of my friends came over and we had some serious fun playing it on my LAN.
And they were 100% happy with performance and impressed, as their Cards at home are a Radeon 8500 and a GeForce4 Ti4200 normally !

And if anyone of you thinks these framerates must suck and shall not be playable, get this :

Today, I got a Radeon 9700Pro 128MB AGP Smiley

Well, using Maximum Detail in 1024x768 32bit these are the framerates I were getting :
25-30fps Grin

And this considering it is powered by an AthlonXP 2000+.

Turned out, even for my System, maximum Texture Details is a real performance killer in some Maps, as well as World Detail!
Since I have "only" 256MB DDR-SDRAM, the Game had to do some heavy swapping on the bigger Maps, needing to keep the Textures going for both the World Level, and the Player Models... Too much for even the 128MB Card or 256MB RAM to handle (!!)

The Game even came to a full halt momentarily, when I looked at several Player Models at once !

I play it now in 1024x768 32bit, but still with slightly reduced Texture Detail to maintain anywhere between 30-50fps average Shocked

Reducing world Detail from Higest to High gives some 5fps gain, and eventually setting it to Normal will free up CPU power for some 10-15fps more (!)

Well, this is just to show you that even with state of the art Hardware, don't expect to get killer framerates out of any Card/Hardware existing !

It's really just as playable in terms of Gameplay on a Radeon 9700Pro, than it is on a Voodoo5 or even Voodoo4, since the eyecandy really is nice to have, but the real fun comes from the Game itself.

Bottom Line :
No piece of Hardware existing will give you the high framerates we all know from older Games, so don't be disappointed if your Voodoo is 'stuck' around 30fps...

In UT2003, 30fps is actually a GOOD Framerate, and enough to play !
After seeing what I saw, everything in excess of 40fps is close to Godlike and silk smooth Wink


When you set the Detail Level step by step to Maximum, the Announcer will say "Holy Sh*t !!!" as soon the last thing is set Wink
Now I know, that is said for a good reason, and the announcer really MEANS IT Grin
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