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Unreal Tournament Flag Replacement (Read 188 times)
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Unreal Tournament Flag Replacement
27.03.10 at 23:01:03
In several 3dfx tribute videos I have seen a custom UT 3dfx CTF flag, seeing this wanted me to create some maps using the same idea.  It has been several years since I have touched UnrealED.  When editing CTF-Face.unr I am able to successfully change the blue flag, but not the red one.

>I right click on the flag, and select FlagBase Properties
>Expand Display
>Click on Browse (...) next to Skin
>Import my custom .pcx flag textures
>Select the imported flag and then clicking "Use"

Then that is it, following those steps I am able to change the blue flag and play the game with the one custom flag, but the same steps for the red flag did not work.  I was able to see the texture in UnrealED, but not ingame. ( I do understand there is some scripting involved, but I don't understand why I didnt have to change anything for the blug flag to work. )

So, ex-UT mappers... any help?


/edit: Fixed it.  Here is CTF-Face with 3dfx flags - http://www.megaupload.com/?d=U6WQQLU3
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Re: Unreal Tournament Flag Replacement
Reply #1 - 07.08.10 at 18:42:24
Thanx. I'll try it if I have time
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