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Message started by jd0gg on 25.09.12 at 02:42:59

Title: Enabling splash screen in 98se
Post by jd0gg on 25.09.12 at 02:42:59
LOOOONG time lurker, first time poster.

tl:dr; I have a complete 3dfx collection save a v5 6k and those Obsidian boards.....but anyway.....I built a 98se box to play my old games, NFS 4, Halflife, UT, the usual suspects.

On my V3 3k and V5 pci I can't get the 3dfx splash screen to come up. It is enabled in 3dfx tools and I've tried Omegadrive drivers and WHQL cert drivers. Probably 3 or 4 different 3dfx tools. I'm playing Glide games in Glide mode. What am I doing wrong?

I remember before I cooked my V5 AGP it would come up in 98 years ago.

Title: Re: Enabling splash screen in 98se
Post by H-street on 17.10.12 at 18:21:59
make sure the environmental variable is set

you can even set it manually for win98se or even in a bat file before the game runs

the variable is
FX_GLIDE_NO_SPLASH, setting it equal to 1 disables it


to test that your drivers are getting the variables you can even set the

FX_GLIDE_SHAMELESS_PLUG = 1 to have the watermark overlay

for more variables check out


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