Act 3d Interactive Polygon Demo v1.0 ------------------------------------ 1. Introduction --------------- The Act 3d Interactive Polygon Demo is a freeware demo that shows the power of the e3d engine. The demo will not run under windows 3.11 and windows NT. THIS DEMO NEEDS MICROSOFT DIRECTX 6.1!!!!! get it at 2. What's new? -------------- New since version 0.7: * Bugfix for diamond drivers of the riva TNT * Sound support(music) * Fixed Mouseinput with riva TNT * New 3d model: now the demo includes 4 models 3. System Requirements ---------------------- * A P166 processor or higher * Windows 95/98 * 16 mb ram * DirectX 6.0 or 6.1 installed! * DirectX compatible 3d accelerator! * 16bit 44.1khz DirectX compatible sound card 4. Installation --------------- Unpack the zip to any directory and run demo.exe. Zip contents: demo.exe - The demo executable bass.dll - The sound engine DLL readme.txt - This document .\camera\ - The directory that contains camera settings .\objects\ - The directory that contains 3d meshes and motions .\textures\ - The directory that contains all textures .\music\ - The directory that contains all music 5. Controls ----------- When started the demo presents two buttons: * Video : Press this first to select in whitch resolution the demo will run or on witch 3d card. * Launch: Start demo! When the demo is running you can press the following keys: * F1 : Act 3d Logo model * f2 : Running man model * F3 : Flying Aeroplane model * f4 : Female statue model * f : Show framerate 6. TroubleShooting ------------------ ERR: "Could not create DDraw object" WHY: It appears that directX isn't installed or the displaydriver isn't setup properly. SOL: Install directX and latest video drivers ERR: "Could not create directdraw4 (No directX 6.0?)" WHY: Directx 6.0 or later is not installed SOL: Install DirectX 6.0 or later ERR: "Could not set cooperativeLevel" WHY: Another program is interfering with the demo SOL: Close all programs that use directX ERR: "Could not set display mode" WHY: You selected a displaymode that the card can't display SOL: Select another resolution ERR: "Primarysurface init failed!!" WHY: Graphics memory is allready taken by another application or SOL: Reset and run the demo without any other application running ERR: "Backbuffer init failed" WHY: Graphics memory is allready taken by another application SOL: Reset and run the demo without any other application running ERR: "couldn't create Zbuffer" WHY: Not enough graphics memory SOL: continue without Zbuffer SOL: Select a lower resolution(16 bit?) SOL: Quit programs that use graphics memory ERR: "couldn't initialize D3D device" WHY: Your card doesn't support Direct 3d SOL: Buy a 3d card or select another card if you got one ERR: "couldn't get D3D device capabilities" WHY: Driver bug of your Graphics Accelerator SOL: Get the letest drivers for your 3d device ERR: "BASS version 0.3 was not loaded" WHY: The bass.dll is an old version SOL: The right version is included with the demo ERR: "Can't initialize digital sound system" WHY: The soundcard is taken by another application SOL: Quit any program that uses audio ERR: "Can't load music" WHY: Files cannot be found SOL: Make sure that you run the demo from it's directory that means that there is a music, objects, textures, camera and sound dir SOL: Unpack the zip again to a new directory and make sure it unpacks the directorystructure too If the guide above doesn't solve your problem contact act3d support and provide the following information: We would REALLY appreciate it if you report bugs to Act3d so we can prevent them for you and others in the future. * System: -CPU(Mhz, brand etc..) -Memory(in Mb) -Graphics Card -Sound card -3d card -any other cards in your system -Version of DirectX and Windows * The Fault -The error message that is displayed(if there is any) -Discribe your problem in detail and when it occurs so we can recreate it -Any other strange things that occur(Windows display distorts etc..) 7. Contact Information ---------------------- Web: support: mail: This document is for informational purposes only. ACT 3D INTERACTIVE MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, IN THIS DOCUMENT. Microsoft, Windows, Windows NT, and DirectX are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.