Amigamerlin's 3.1 R11 driver set is on line and available for public download. This new driver set is based on Alpha 29 Direct3D core, contains a new opengl library and it's the first Amigamerlin release with a "new our dll". The installation program will correctly install to the system a dxtn.dll. This DLL will be only a container lacking of functions. The user should replace it with the real one compiling the source from Daniel Borca's site. Any way drivers will works well also without the replacement. We chose this solution to prevent copyright problems. What's new? D3D Section * New D3D section from Alpha29 of SFFT with a great DX9 compatibility and high performance increase * Need for speed now can be playable at 800x600x32bit * Virtual Rally 3 now run smoothly, does NOT REQUIRE 3DAnalyzer, and can be playable 800x600x32bit e FSAA2x bit with Voodoo5 5500 and 1024x768x32 2xFSAA with Voodoo5 6000 with 100% in performance increase !! * Halo in game some texture and perfomance problem are gone but there is a lot to do to be fully playable * Mafia, GTA3, GTA3 Vice City, Spiderman the Movie (require T&L patch) UT2003, UT2004, Max Vietcong, Payne, Max Payne 2 F1GP4, all have quality and speed improvement. Opengl Section * New Opengl Section and addedd a new dll:DXTN.dll!! The improvements regard in particular T&L routine. All games tried show FPS increase and higher compatibility of new Dxtn.dll. * Testing was done with Call of Duty, Call Of Duty United Offensive, MOHAA, MOH Breakthru, MOH Spearhead, RTCW, Enemy Territory, Star Wars Jedy Knight, Star Wars Jedy Outcast, Serious Sam Second Encounter, Never Winter Night. Most of them were demos, but the new DLL should will works fine also in complete games. Jointly with the new driver release will be available an HOW TO INSTALL guide (sorry, in italian only at this moment) to avoid any setup problems. Installation must be executed NECESSARILY through the video card control panel.