Quantum 3D Obsidian card Users may install the 3Dfx reference drivers while waiting for DirectX6 Drivers. However, Quantum3D's advanced features and functionality will not be available. These advanced features include Property Page settings, TV output, SwapLock (200SB only) and Performance Tuning. Please follow this simple procedure to install the Reference driver. Procedure for installing 3Dfx Windows 95/98 Reference drivers with the Obisidean2 S/X serious and 90/200SB series: Download the 3Dfx reference drivers for Voodoo2 from the 3Dfx website. Extract the downloaded file into a temporary directory. Review the 3Dfx installation procedure in the readme file. Remove the Obsidian2 adapter from the Device Manager in the System Properties Dialog. From the Start menu, select Settings and then Control Panel. Double-click on System, select the Device Manager tab. Double-click on the Display adapter, secondary listing. Select the Obsidian2 3D Graphics Card and click on the Remove button. If you have an Obsidian2 X-Series (or 200SB), select the second Obsidian2 listing and remove it as well. Uninstall the Obsidian2 drivers from Add/Remove Programs in the Control Panel. From the Start menu, select Settings and then Control Panel. Double-click on Add/Remove Programs, select the Install/Uninstall tab. Scroll through the list and select the Quantum3D Obsidian2 adapter listed. Click on the Add/Remove button. Restart the computer. When Windows is restarted, the last portion of the removal is done automatically. Install the 3Dfx Reference Drivers as describe by the 3Dfx readme file. If you experience display anomalies (corrupted images, purple colors) with the 3Dfx Reference drivers, use the following REG file for the Obsidian2 adapter to solve the problems. Obsidian2 Series: OB2X_3Dfx_Ref.reg OB2X_3Dfx_Ref.reg After the download, right-click on the REG file and select Merge. The necessary modifications will be made automatically.