Windows(r) NT 4.0 Voodoo(tm) Driver Kit --------------------------------------- Version info not yet setup. Copyright ( 1999-2000 3dfx Interactive, Inc. ) All Rights Reserved NOTE: Use of this software is subject to the terms in the 3dfx license agreement. 3dfx Interactive, Inc. Website: This product may be covered by one or more of the following US patents: 5,724,561 5,740,343 5,808,621 5,822,452 5,831,624 5,870,102 ======================================================================= What's in the distribution? ======================================================================= This distribution contains Voodoo display drivers for Windows NT 4.0 or higher. ======================================================================= Installation ======================================================================= Requirements ------------ - Windows NT 4.0 or higher - PC with an Intel Pentium series or AMD K6/7 series processor --> Needs review - A free AGP or PCI slot - 16MB of RAM or more Suggested --> Needs review Fresh Installation / Upgrade Existing Drivers --------------------------------------------- NOTE: For Fresh Installations, complete Steps 1 - 9 before removing your existing 2D card. If existing Voodoo drivers are being updated, installation is complete once step 9 is done. 1) Extract the files for the Voodoo driver to a directory. 2) Log-in to Windows NT as Administrator. 3) Click Start, Control Panel. Double-click on Display. 4) Click the settings tab then click "Change" 6) Click "Have Disk" and enter the path to the extracted drivers. 7) When asked to choose a device, select "3dfx Voodoo4" or "3dfx Voodoo5" 8) You may then be prompted to insert the Windows NT Voodoo Driver Disk. Enter the path to the drivers again. 9) Windows NT will copy the drivers. Steps 10-13 are only used during a fresh installation 10) Power off the system and remove your existing 2D card. 11) Install the Voodoo card in a free PCI/AGP Slot 12) Power on the system and verify that video appears during post 13) Start Windows NT. If problems occur, revert to "Last Known Good" from within the Windows NT startup options.