3dhq Voodoo Series Windows(r) 9x Driver Kit Voodoo Series(tm) Driver kit: 1.09 Beta 9 Voodoo Series DirectX(r) Driver Version: Voodoo Series Win9x 2D/3D Display Drivers: Glide 2.X Driver: Glide 3.X Driver: OpenGL(r) Driver Version: ICD NOTE: The use, viewing of, and access to this distribution are subject to the 3dhq license agreement, found in the file license.txt in this distribution. 3dhq http://www.tdhq.net ================================================================= What's in the distribution? ================================================================= This distribution contains Voodoo drivers and control panel for Windows 95/98/98SE/Me. The drivers are compliant with the following standards: -DirectX 8.1 -Direct3D 7/8 -OpenGL 1.1 -Glide2x -Glide3x ================================================================= Installation ================================================================= 1) Ensure that the latest DirectX version is installed. 2) Remove previous 3dfx drivers and tools from system, including old files and registry entries if you are comfortable doing so (if drivers do not work properly, it may be necessary to reinstall them after cleaning the registry of 3dfx entries) 3) Run the setup executable and follow on-screen instructions for installation of the new drivers. ================================================================= Tips ================================================================= As always with new drivers, you may need to reinstall some of your games for them to work properly and/or with proper results.