Version 1.08.04 BETA Voodoo4/5 Windowsฎ 9x/ME Voodoo Community Driver Kit 1.08.04 จจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจจ Voodoo Series Driver Kit: 1.08.04 Voodoo Series Win9x 2D/3D Display Drivers: Glide(tm) 2.X Driver: Glide 3.X Driver: OpenGL(r) Driver Version: JoFSh Updated 3dfx Tools Version: x3dfx Rev.3 ======================================================================= Disclaimer! ======================================================================= * THESE DRIVERS ARE NOT SUPPORTED BY 3DFX, X3DFX, or X3DFX-C! * THESE ARE MODIFIED BETA DRIVERS SO USE THEM AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! * WE CANNOT BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY EFFECTS THEY MAY HAVE ON YOUR COMPUTER! * NOTE: This Driver Kit contains files modified by various Voodoo community users from the x3dfx discussion board who have come together to release what we consider the "toolbox" for the Voodoo 4/5 family of cards! The main focus of this driver set is to make available to users previously unreleased registry modification options to allow the user maximum tweaking abilities... * SOME OF THESE NEW OPTIONS ARE AS OF YET UNTESTED!!! If you discover any errors, or any information leading to the function of a Voodoo registry setting, please visit: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ x3dfx Community Development Team ~x3dfx Community Development team leader & Voodoo3: NuAngel ( ~Voodoo 4/5 Win9X/ME & 3dfx Tools: LogicalMadness ( ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Or post your thoughts and opinions at the x3dfx community forum: !NOTE!: This may very well be the last update to the x3dfx-c series of drivers for the Voodoo series of graphics cards. Due to lack of source code, little to nothing more can be done to the driver sets. We would like to thank all those who helped make these driver sets possible, with good feedback, troubleshooting, and positive critisism! THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST!!! Regards, X3dfX 'Community' Development ======================================================================= SPECIAL THANKS GO OUT TO: ======================================================================= Reid - for x3dfx Askii64 of Distorted Visions - NT remix Hujer HoE - WinXP porting / Glide fix MWarhead - Early revision Win2K work 20fps - Later revision Win2K work ZeroSignul - Programming input Cairey - Programming input Rene L. 3dfx Tools Graphics JoFSh NV - Driver mods IceMan - .reg discoveries WhiteTigerX - .reg discoveries OuTsIdEr - Updated x3dfx HTML help layout Diddums100 - Optimal Settings Guide Nightstormer - x3dfx forum moderator gc12 - x3dfx forum moderator Carrera - x3dfx forum moderator Bonehed316 - x3dfx Zealot DarkBahamut - Resident spamming bOingball SolidState MasterC0D SuperHighSpeed 3dfxfreak JaEm bboy Voodoo PRIDE SharkFood pianogeek del42sa svelo EFA11 Devo6486 RadeonUser Tech2 Frazas Teg WE ARE THE X3DFX Community! ======================================================================= What's New: ======================================================================= Version 1.08.04: (LogicalMadness) - Double packed whole bundle for smaller download size - Fixed serious flaw with FSAA Jitter Control & Voodoo4 3D performance. - Added a few new options such as: Force Glide Refresh rate, PCI Bus Threshold. - Re-added D3D L-Delay option. - Updated HTML help layout. - Altered and improved x3dfx tools graphics & tray icon. Version 1.08.03: (LogicalMadness) - Further updated 3dfx tools graphics and layout: customized to specific OS and voodoo card type. - Updated 3dfxSpl3.dll (Glide Splash Screen) to version - Fully updated definitions to HTML help format. (Internet Explorer 4 or higher recommemded) - Driver set should have 1.04.01 level stability. - Major .INF revisions and fixes, (including, but not limited to:) - Fixed Direct3D 32bpp color mode "Rendering Color Depth" problem. - Fixed "Shameless Plug" getting stuck in "Enabled" mode - Fixed "Glide Splash" Screen problem. - Further extended Level of Detail Bias. (-why?) - Fixed "Dither Subtraction" registry entry not showing for OpenGL/Glide. Version 1.08.02: (LogicalMadness) - New 3dfx tools layout, updated icons to x3dfx, and new taskbar icon. 3dfx Weblink now leads to x3dfx discussion board, and 3dfxgamers leads to x3dfxgamers! - Removed various defunct settings and improved upon bugged ones - LOD has been extended for improved benchmarking performance or for excessive Aliasing (!). - Added new .reg keys: Glide Watermark, Bump-Map Size, Scan-Line Height, and a few others~ - Optimal settings text file now included for reference! - Added useless icons to folder for distribution - The triumphant return of HSR! - HZTool removed to give all Voodoo Tweaker writers a fair chance. Version 1.08.01 BETA: (LogicalMadness) - Pre-production 1.08.02~ - Improved .inf code / FSAA Jitter functionality - Updated overall .inf layout - Removed Invisible walls to prevent cheating Version 1.08.00 BETA: (LogicalMadness) - TO MANY NEW SETTINGS TO LIST! for both D3D and OpenGL/Glide - Incorporated HZtool for setting screen refresh at different resolutions. - Added all Iceman & WhiteTigerX7 modified options like; Guardband Clipping, HSR, EdgeAA, TrilinearAA, screen capture keys, destinations, etc. - Updated OpenGL .ICD for improved HSR (Hidden Surface Removal) - by JoFSh - Modified 3DFX tools layout Version 1.07.02: (Iceman / WhiteTigerX) - X3DFX mixed BETA drivers / added tweaks Version 1.07.01: (Iceman / WhiteTigerX) - X3DFX mixed BETA drivers Version 1.07.00: - X3DFX Add-on BETA drivers Version 1.04.01: - 3DFX last BETA drivers Version 1.04.00: - 3DFX last OFFICIAL drivers ======================================================================= What's in the distribution? ======================================================================= This distribution contains Voodoo drivers and control panel for Windows 9x/ME. The DirectDraw portion of the drivers supports Direct3D when using DirectX 8.0 ======================================================================= Installation ======================================================================= * Uninstall 3dfx Tools using the Control Panel's "Add / Remove Programs" panel. * Upon reboot, extract the drivers, and double click the "setup.exe"