XFree86_3DFX-rushlib-3.3.3-5,$VsЩGJY-`d   ;4 @ L d  0Nl(8/9/: n/>@CFG$H<ITQ\echo -n "Looking for /usr/X11R6/lib in /etc/ld.so.conf... " if ! grep "^/usr/X11R6/lib$" /etc/ld.so.conf > /dev/null; then echo "missing" echo "/usr/X11R6/lib missing from /etc/ld.so.conf" >&2 else echo "found" fiCXFree86_3DFX-rushlib3.3.35Rush extension shared libraryThis packages contains the shared library to support the Rush extension. This is used to communicated between Glide and the X server when using the 3Dfx Rush, 3Dfx Banshee, or 3Dfx Voodoo3 graphics cards.7J newbie.rb.ca.us1MITX11/XFree86Linuxi386grep "^/usr/X11R6/lib$" /etc/ld.so.conf >/dev/null 2>&1 [ $? -ne 0 ] && echo "/usr/X11R6/lib" >> /etc/ld.so.conf /sbin/ldconfigif [ "$1" = "0" ]; then grep -v "/usr/X11R6/lib" /etc/ld.so.conf > /etc/ld.so.conf.new mv -f /etc/ld.so.conf.new /etc/ld.so.conf fi /sbin/ldconfig/usr/X11R6/include/X11/extensions/xf86rush.h/usr/X11R6/include/X11/extensions/xf86rushstr.h/usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86rush.a/usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86rush.so/usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86rush.so.1/usr/X11R6/lib/libXxf86rush.so.1.0 :$$+ O-7J7J7J7J7J7J490919874ea0fceca943e3117c13874754a30183d37ee7f0e3cb55d364306a13eb47f66e0324aa80861d6fbd58c0779174e66728705739b07064c9c146c6624blibXxf86rush.so.1.0libXxf86rush.so.1.0rootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootrootXFree86_3DFX-3.3.3-5.src.rpm5libXxf86rush.so.1@/bin/shld-linux.so.2libc.so.62.5.56@6u6oG@6g^@6f 6ci6J]@6/06.6|066060505ϳ555k55|05w_05t05j005bG05Z^05O05O05N5>54"5*05 j@5544,4a@4_@40k04$04 Ұ3R03š33323Preston Brown Preston Brown Preston Brown Preston Brown Preston Brown Jeff Johnson Preston Brown Preston Brown Cristian Gafton Jakub Jelinek Preston Brown Cristian Gafton Jeff JohnsonJeff Johnson Jeff Johnson Matti Aarnio Eddie C. Dost Jeff Johnson Jeff Johnson Prospector System Erik Troan Jakub Jelinek Prospector System Jeff Johnson Prospector System Jakub Jelinek Erik Troan Jakub Jelinek Jakub Jelinek Jakub Jelinek Erik Troan Jakub Jelinek Michal Rehacek Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Michael K. Johnson Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan Erik Troan - Created Banshee X server package- added permedia chipset clockchip bugfix- alpha sockets patch added, all freetype stuff removed, ultrapeng. banner gone- moved lib/modules and lib/X11/xkb dirs into main package to fix conflicts.- backported package to 5.2.- the big update to XFree 3.3.3. Lots of changes, many patches were merged in.- sync with ultrapenguin 1.1. - add __alpha__ check to Imake.cf- added empty fonts.dir and fonts.scale to TrueType dir.- rolled in truetype support to X server / xfs via FreeType. - separated font server stuff into a separate package- disabled the S3V patch introduced by Preston - updated czech patch - added NeoMagic NM2200 chipset support - updated NeoMagic patches- Acceleration for Creator/Creator3D support. - Show banner on startup for SPARC Mach64 server as well.- patched cards database to use old S3V driver for most cards- enhance Xession to read user's .Xmodmap and .Xresources - TGA patches from Jay - alpha lnx_video patch from Jay Estabrook - czech and slovak patches - added Neomagic patches - enabled XF86Setup - added cyrillic fonts to the %files list - ifarch i386 for XFree86-Setup package- another 1386 -> i386 typo (sigh).- add PAM_TTY to xdm patch.- update to Four patches for 64-bit systems.- Fix mach64/SPARC PCI.- Merge in m68k changes.- Add build root.- translations modified for fr- added more security fixes- Merged SPARC port with 3.3.2 - Show banner on startup for Xsun* servers- translations modified for de, fr- Merge in sparc changes.- translations modified for de, fr, tr- Fix colormaps on SBUS cards, add /dev/fb to the list of checked devices even for XSunMono- included security fix which fixes a large number of problems- Fix fb mapping on non-accelerated SBUS cards - Further PCI SPARC changes (from ecd).- Merge in PCI SPARC support (written by Eddie C. Dost).- Unmap all fb mappings before closing fb in SBUS servers, otherwise new kernels don't call fb_close and bad things happen.- switched to using the Xwrapper from XFree86 rather then a separate package- built sparc version against glibc- Accelerated support for Creator/Creator3D- updated to XFree86 3.3.2- turned off setuid bit for X servers - require xserver-wrapper (which replaces /usr/X11R6/bin/X)- removed XF86Setup - updated file list to include some missing files- New PAM conversation function conventions- built against tcl/tk 8.0- set libc version to 6 (which turns on thread support as well) - used wildcards more liberally in file lists- added notiocsltc patch - added /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xserver/SecurityPolicy- updated to XFree86 3.3.1- add shlibs patch, we links shared libraries against -lc- Increased release number to 10 for glibc version- Updated to XFree86 3.3- Changed xdm to use xbanner - Changed xdm paths to point to /var/run, /var/log, /etc/X11/xdm instead of all pointing to /usr/X11R6/lib/X11/xdm- Modified to use pam.d./bin/sh/bin/sh/bin/shnewbie.rb.ca.us 927601165><;4Zol[ud-Y2gK-7HJ֟M?dM*ʲyG E2mZօ ΃dX>[)B:0lB ` ـTl i;{|ɇ=s{޹AO|)g(?h 0c:_c[!.sL,]H+ɧ|Jbh@)=IBH!P;ͭ*sIU<C8UVi1*B>T";&$CВF`JGQD!)Y5ۓ|k Yc@odeuAVPSo1=5ZYfi`Q8-0YY4^T>xs:R6.G*LMo*z3T}Nq@-?6}haJ5iVV֘)\3mC_T\3 vxߨ ?> ށbhſgldn|ȣOØ#E]͋8`N~z,׶:L;,Jusp9&qN+{X`/FLUyTJɹ̤' r&&C*w Qcn|lB31f"!Rfhc]c]a#EL 61yy#7Cc_=nk3+rTPѕB3v%~ =t[?O˓Ls|AЛ,Lv0|c2= N;RmSzjk />/;/6w? tj ˢ/D w4n+x8~+~v )O Ԥ~;"lOlÃCWdX?qEH߃G<Nމϸ_ӨX٪VWz3/=WUwVc+^wSדItC]sl;s>+ܳp_G\蘭FW/>\%'J/R_?z  xr@i7]ooIAJ`}s3mƿ m#eR݀tq5<3I"xm!XU;[KA#]==`dҟ]"Ս'fB<+ SFBT' tY~'$4Io_ɧV쵘P[lY1.o!1C{,sK7 BB'vnlebhs. wc=8c֝=٣|O:wuw՜?3}o͟k:ђCr'g6!@?@0N֮<66ǦOt`O!=e5:p%=fo4}[IO&ИM2#IOӷǠ\VGy8^ƻh'KE,a.᳑zoڑo7GK;m}y;9gI>~N|A #[G /CX^L69-n1uq>nFxu= 3iv3lhV &%b[ЯXOt|@6?3B}(.69qׁZ#b5J'R*DJڮ6 LDed6Tټ,)TH ")rT4M䜼=/-wkNT\ 4CiQ݃lIAVa;| FOz0xD@iԎ=|k`}?!{8h_9h~'v~I]]}.`Xkt~cN60㓛Bago9=~Z39ASrG]P7c`hfMXoBNSsc~  p4Чhq 4z~tKVq}ESk'KÓ{/~7;csw;wOÛ]Tq+-rދɓaom4KMXN -Y茅 | uZ!@@Zeo؜fU&â_b}1Cc(:FOYS@8H㧦GəёIi&ɐD$2^y5LJ%[X<%!> ﱂș)fU%d-d-!<4e{YV?7n[a#n` Poְ^ac :oc A_vRdo_{ 6n~Ԗ y!j0OmիzUDt5fsC1r$qs]1$yE5y5>4*FcW͜FcċY dG_-0GxϹ+.ʭp*>J jwmJ`g]+8[aW"=E.\p[(kl>ӡ5xE4Ĭ 2 I2BY @J(h#_Bl:Mak2Xk:"[@pShf6M⊛˫|3 x䗿# :2֐p.YS ,K N婛zkܧ:7{ A:ˠBucStMU|vxH\00zKwv1kh*[` ?+O}ڢ Ka }hU%JkMuT#aMX1D'3nYua- W!w/>1>}Y+Ll^ŝl=z'{aczt퇓Rv+0Ŵ7:0F~ȭVU[G1:lrg0pZ}9Wyc#6L5϶ַUYk=rR8C B2e ;P>mh@s 6an,8h=!м8ǐKcy˟w/hgyWtmvnP7f֪v.˰\^ RlUK6 jVA+MȎ.b {V ’B][yV^Z..WocX'5f~`%gꨫ :_Es|X&8GH=\\,r|xWݖzyOp|쵙7!3ءimZyO| Bg9>W嗀].:Y{%>Puq=宍|q=w?YG?j-O+.naqg=ǣNS-_t4}ɹj9aϣ:N?h6a~Kit"#M_Nw4RkM=At;2'z44#wYw[=_#|zu_hwt;9G\i;l9v{}x}]qb4Lm7=|swaߋzߥ#^7_a< PiF#GxوqR0K9 O`ƿ/񶫂{2zÂ7ksN}3~80[G-f`:HC1EͫDz$)ΥKѴ&Rc3sRhz\49RJY%&K* Ik\8'Hc<ԆIb3/zح+R 6̰5@ )iZH!!:{hդx#aSDNH2@k&fs#'Csa I5