_________________________________________________________________________ Readme.TXT File (InterAct Gaming Devices - Ver.1.50) May,2000 _________________________________________________________________________ 1. Setup 1.1 This version of "InterAct Gaming Devices" can be used under: a. Windows 95(or Windows 98) with a Midi/Game port which is MPU401 compatible. b. Windows 98 with a USB port. 1.2 Make sure there is a joystick icon in the Control Panel of your Windows 95(or Windows 98) system before installation of the software of "InterAct Gaming Devices". 1.3 Whenever you have installed or replaced a sound card in your system, it is recommended to execute SetUp.EXE of "InterAct Gaming Devices" again for proper operation. Please refer to documents contained under "\Document" of the installation CD for latest information. _________________________________________________________________________