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Rules of Engagement (Read 994 times)
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Rules of Engagement
04.09.05 at 23:32:09
Welcome to the Marketplace !

Please make sure you read below hints and standing rules before starting to use the Marketplace :

Marketplace is reserved for registered Members only.

- must give a clue about their desired minimum price
- must be transparent about shipping costs involved
- must indicate if the Sale is offered in other Forums as well (keeps the Sale transparent to everyone involved)
- should give an estimated time for international shippings if able
- are highly recommended to ship in an adequate & safe manner to ensure safe and intact arrival of the Items invoved
- EBay Sales or commercial offers
do not
belong here
- should tell how long they intend to let the sale run and type of sale used (fixed price, EBay style, +5 Minute rule, open end etc.)

Additionally :
- Sellers must either give limited money-back guarantee or take back items for defects or other significant deficiencies unless those were explicitly included into the item description.
Categoric denial of all of such guarantees - i.e. by referencing EU law for private sales (which actually is not applicable) - is prohibited for the sake of maintaining a minimum buyer safety.

- must make any offers - regardless of sales type - in public (PM or EMail 'secret' bidding is normally prohibited)

Note :
Not adhering to minimum public transparency (i.e. giving or accepting offers via PM/EMail) will preclude any marketplace feedback count and no support will be available in case of Problems - as the transaction is then considered entirely private.

- must stick to a deal once made
- must create a Posting for each bid
("Silent" Editing of existing Bids renders them invalid
, this is to keep everyone alerted if a new bid is made and give a chance to react)
Exception : edited Bids w/in 1 Minute due to posting overlap during +5 Minute rule Auctions can be accepted by the Seller upon his discretion - however, buyers should still avoid doing so and rather create a new posting

Make sure the Topic Title holds one of the appropriate Tags, like
[S] Selling
[W] Wanted
[T] Trading
[?] Inquiry


Limitations :
No warez or otherwise illegal Items.

Be aware that all sales are 'private-to-private', bound only to their corresponding national regulations and laws.

Any Problems encountered should be cleared via PM or EMail, moderation of Admins/Mods is available as a last resort and upon case-by-case assessment.

Bottom line :
All deals done in this Forum are based on trust alone, so take it for what that is worth Smiley

Q: How can I find out how trustworthy a Forum Member is to make a deal with ?

A: Past Feedback is the best way to find out.
Secondary, the longer and more active a User was in the Forum (Post count 'can' be an indicator), the higher his credibility 'usually' is....
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