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Best games for a Voodoo5? (Read 213 times)
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Best games for a Voodoo5?
29.08.13 at 13:45:30
which games would be the best for the Voodoo5?

by that i mean games that would require the card's performance to run the game fine, because most games were made for Voodoo3 in mind most of the time.

And i've been a bit deceived so far by checking if my 2000-2001 games work with Glide, and so far they are only DX games (Max Payne, Giants Citizen Kabuto) though Giants have a "-voodoo" command, it was for the Voodoo3 series, not taking advantage of the Voodoo5.

I tried Aquanox, my version is supposed to support the Voodoo5 5500, but for some reasons, it doesn't detect my card (maybe because of 3rd-party drivers and the game is too picky on that? i use Amigamerlin v2.9 Voodoo 3/4/5 Win98 package)
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Re: Best games for a Voodoo5?
Reply #1 - 29.08.13 at 21:35:05
not sure about those drivers, but if you use the 3dfx reference drivers, most any of hte glide games shoudl work..

as far as games for the voodoo5, as far as i remember, no game out there was released that specifically supported the T-buffer (the main feature of the V5). There was a Quake 3 Demo out that used the T-buffer, but don't know if that ever made it in to the Q3 release. You can download it Here.

the real benefit of the voodoo5 was higher resolution, speed, and the ability to apply AA to the older games for glide games. (and 32bpp for dx/ogl games)..

I remember when i got my V5, i did a second play through of Deus Ex with the AA turned on that was pretty cool..
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